There are students in middle and high school who have artistic talents that are fantastic. More often than not Parents will say to them one day  "you have to get a real job". I would venture to say that the great majority of these art prodigies will never develop or use their talent.

This web site is designed to help those students (who have art skills)  discover, grow and share those skills. This site is designed to show students how they can use art to make money!

Art skills are marketable  skills. click on all the links on the left and see how.

My team is available to do presentations for schools and organizations. Our goal is to encourage those students to have a passion for art to "follow that dream". we encourage them to keep developing their skill even if they have to take a mundane job. We will show them "how to make money using their skill(s).

We can show them examples of art paraphernalia that actually brought in thousands of dollars. We want them to know "YES THEY CAN"

Born in Dallas, Texas of the parents James & Varie Jackson on December 23, 1943. Graduated from Lincoln High School as Class Officer, Editor and Illustrator for the Cadet Post Newspaper, Lt. Col. S2 Officer in the R.O.T.C. favorite subject Mechanical Drawing. Attended San Fransisco City Collage and Quituated after 2 years of majoring in Commercial Art and Graphic Design.

Married Dr. Zakiyyah Raheem in 1965 - the mother of my 3 children, Micaiah Raheem (Raheem the Dream), Asia Raheem retired Navy Officer and RN and Uriah Raheem who got caught up in the trap set by the drug system and the prison industrial complex.

From age 9, I was the artist for the backdrops for plays and was the main character in both school plays and church plays... In the Christmas past and Christmas Present, I played Scrooge and in the Play Lolly Pop, I was Lollypop. At 14 took to the streets to start a business painting signs. That business has carried

on till today with over 3,000 signs painted in at least 6 southern states.


My initial effort of which I am very proud