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For a growing number of consumers, a lack of time and patience for buying cars has piqued an interest in hiring a professional to do it for them. And to help serve this market, a cottage industry has emerged to search the nation for the perfect car for you…for a fee, of course.

But like any deal, it's important to do a little research on the broker before you jump headlong into their arms, drawn by promises of lower prices and advocacy for your needs. And don't forget, just because your broker is saying it's a great deal doesn't mean that it is.

On Your Side

The concept behind hiring an auto broker is relatively simple: you're not a professional car buyer, so why go up against a professional car seller alone? With the confusion of financing, fees, add-ons, taxes and the hurried, jargon-filled nature of the dealership, it only makes sense to leave the bargaining to someone who won't be fazed by the wheeling and dealing.

And thousands of satisfied consumers have been glad they did. Countless success stories have been told and retold about the thousands of dollars people saved over a "best-price" offer made one day from a dealership, only to have a broker secure a better price just days or even hours later.Ford Windstar nearStone Mountain . At first, he went the traditional route, heading over to a dealership and working with a salesman. But after reaching an impasse with the sales staff, Bill  decided to walk out and hire a broker.

Sure enough, a local broker was able to secure a price about $500 cheaper than he was originally quoted on the exact same vehicle from the same dealership. This is possible because brokers usually have experience with dealerships and know exactly how much they can afford to charge based on how long the car has been on the lot, how many more they have coming in and how much dozens of other dealerships are charging.

But much of what a broker provides is convenience and peace of mind. After paying a flat fee for the service, Lee found that he likely would have only paid a slightly higher price on his own, but thought the experience was easy enough to win his business the next time he buys.

"I don't care for the antagonistic negotiations with salespeople anymore," Bill said. "We're telling everyone we can about the broker."