Order Our Food Cart

Why book the "A Bite to Eat" Food cart? The food cart is a great idea when it is appropriate for the guest to pay for their own food. They can purchase as much or as little as they want. The food cart is a great choice when the variety of food choice is important. The food cart has beef, pork, shrimp and salmon choices. choices.  If you want to impress your guest call us! The best food in town. The cart is also mobile, so if mobility is an advantage we arte there for you.

WE HAVE THE MOST VARIED AND DELICIOUS MENU EVER! Click here to see the menu.. Call us when your guests taste are more impportant than the price. We have GREAT food, not CHEAP food. We are not the lowest price vendor. We ARE the best value vendor. We have all varieties of food. We have turkey, chicken, beef, pork, loster. salmon and shrimp. We also have an all vegetable choice.