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We can install your Plasma TV. We can mount it on the wall and Guarantee it will not fall. We also do computer networking, wired and wireless. If you have not already bought your components, we can do it for you and SAVE YOU MONEY.  Call AL. Free estimates.
        Doesn't it just make sense to compare prices?


Why choose us? We know that to stay in business you have to get clients NOT customers. The difference is client infers continuing relationship. To have a continuing relationship must treat the buyer right. You must give ADDED VALUE.  We make the repair or installation in the time allotted and we do it right, the first time. We don't leave mess behind, we clean up and leave your premise exactly as we found it. 
We believe in safety.
We know some repairs, if not done correctly, can result in more damage. In the case of wiring a bad repair can even result in fire. We have 15 years experience in all types of wiring. We are wiring specialists. We take photographs of potentially dangerous conditions so that you can see exactly the condition. Often these conditions are covered by your homeowner's insurance
We have the tools to do the job. Most handymen have only a few tools because they only want really small jobs. We do it ALL, so we have to have ALL the tools. Why should our clients care about OUR tools? The right tool insures that you do the job right. The right tool allows the worker to do the job quickly, and get out of the client's way. The right tool allows us to charge less!
We have the correct Attitude.
We know there are many companies that you can call to get your job done. Some will actually do the job as well as we can! So we believe that in order to compete for your business, we have to earn it. So we give added value. In addition we come when we say we are going to come. We do not come on time, we come early. We will parked in front of your door waiting on the approved time. We believe "when we are early you don't worry".