We have created the 3 P concept of catering. That is Preparation, Presentation, and Promptness.
We use only the best  ingredients to start. We also cook our food at the right temperature for the right amount of time. Our kitchens are spotless, We receive A ratings. Our spices are the most fresh available. We do food right.

Our food not only taste the best but it also looks so good. If fact our clients refuse to eat the food first. They run for a camera. They must take a picture because the appearance is awesome.

If you want your catering there at 7:00PM, we know, you start looking out of the window at 6:30 PM.  So our credo is come early so our clients won't worry. If you want us there at 7:00 PM we will be sitting in the driveway at at 6:30. We believe not in being on time but in being EARLY.

Our Catering menu includes but is not limited to: