We work hard to
 maintain a relationship with our clients, employees, subcontractors, and suppliers that encourages cooperation and support.

In remodeling, the process is as important as the outcome. We realize that remodeling by its very nature is stressful and invasive. We are constantly looking for ways to minimize the stress on our clients during the renovations. Again our team understands that we must get the job done in a manner that allows our clients to go on living.

We are in constant communication with our clients during the entire process. Once a project manager has been assigned to you they stay with you to the end. Whether through daily interaction or weekly meetings we try to maintain constant communication. We canít know how you are feeling if we arenít listening.

If you are in the early stages of your project now is the best time to call us.



  Figueroa has been serving homeowners in metro Atlanta for over 20 years and has developed an excellent reputation for producing high quality results in all areas of the repair and home remodeling industry. From a simple repair job to a new construction project, our mission is to satisfy your wishes and produce an end result that we both will be proud of. Only the finest grades of materials are used in the projects we undertake. We want you to be satisfied?. Not only now but in years to come. Because of our meticulous purchasing methods, selective staffing procedures and innovative design techniques, we are confident that our services will be an investment that you will be pleased to have made.


The most important decision, however, is the first one: choosing the right contractor. The company you choose will be permanently altering your most important (and expensive) possession: your home. Remodeling is one decision that requires you to look beyond the lowest price and consider the reputation and reliability of the company providing the services

Each week, we at Figueroa receive several calls from people who hired a contractor who offered a low price. The contractor then either did a substandard job or began the work and never completed it. Not only did the low price not save the customer any money, they are now in the position of paying twice to have the same work done (if they can find a contractor who will accept such a project). Unfortunately, there are many such contractors who have given the remodeling industry a bad reputation through both substandard work and high-pressure sales tactics. That's why we at Figueroa believe it's so very important to choose a reputable contractor.