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Minimum Coverage is for those with minimum assets, minimum goals, and minimum dreams-Is that you?
Click each image In depressed economic times everyone looks for ways to save money. Television advertisements proclaim state required minimum coverage is the way to go. Well maybe. But here are so reasons why you must not consider the minimum coverage.

1. When your vehicle is less than 3 years old.

2. When you have assets (that need to be protected)

3. When you are an entrepreneur ( have your own business)

4. When others have an occasion to drive your car.

5. When you additional have a boat or ATV.

6. You have teenagers that live at home.

Even with minimum coverage there are conditions when your policy may not cover you. Bring your policy in for a free checkup. Remember the old adage. You get what you pay for.


More text here about the agency, the man, the business.

until then this is filler. To help keep your vehicles safe and sound, you can choose from a number of Allstate coverage options each with its own coverage limit. Following is a summary of the standard coverage available in an Allstate commercial vehicle policy:

Additional Insured*
Should you work for or lease vehicles from other entities, Additional Insured coverage may help provide liability protection you may require.
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Audio, Visual and Data Electronic Equipment*
Audio, Visual and Data Electronic Equipment coverage typically helps provide protection for equipment that receives or transmits audio, visual or data signals and that is not designed solely for the reproduction of sound. Equipment must be permanently installed in the vehicle or removable from a housing unit that is permanently installed in the vehicle, using the vehicle's electrical system for power.
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