Imagine telling your class they had to learn all 42 presidents of the United States ...In ORDER! What do you think their response would be?


...Oh man!

What if you gave them a way to learn them? What if you told them it would be easy? What if you said they could learn it in less than 10 minutes?

Well here's how.

As you can see a woman is WASHING-a-TON of clothes that were brought to her by another lady with a large ADAMíS apple. WASHING-a-TON will remind you of WASHINGTON (WASHING-a-TON - WASHINGTON) and the woman with the large ADAMíS apple will remind you of ADAMS. (ADAMíS apple - ADAMS) The woman who brought the clothes is looking over her shoulder at a CHEF who is HER-SON. He even has the words HER-SON on his apron to help you further.(CHEF-HER-SON - JEFFERSON) The chef is MAD-AT the SUN because he is cooking outdoors and the sun is causing him to perspire heavily. As you can see, he is so mad that he is shaking his fist at the sun. (MAD-AT-SUN - MADISON) While this is going on, a MAN is ROW-ing a boat in a nearby pond. (MAN-ROW - MONROE) As you can see, the man rowing the boat also has a large ADAMíS apple which will tell you that the president who succeeded Monroe was also named ADAMS. (This is the second president by that name. ADAMíS apple - ADAMS) The man is about to row his boat into a toy JACK that is sitting on a small SUN on the edge of the pond. (JACK-SUN - JACKSON) The jack and the sun have fallen out of a moving VAN with a dresser BUREAU-IN the back of it. (VAN-BUREAU-IN - VAN BUREN) The sign on the side of the moving van is a HAIRY-SUN which will remind you that HARRISON was the next president. (HAIRY-SUN - HARRISON) On the corner of the street to the right of the moving van with the hairy sun on it, a man is carrying a stack of floor tiles. He is a TILER (a man who lays tiles on floors). (TILER - TYLER)

This diagram taken from "READY, SET, REMEMBER" by Jerry Lucas.....BUY THE BOOK!

Try this I guarantee it will work