Imagine telling your class they had to learn all 42 presidents of the United States ...In ORDER! What do you think their response would be?


...Oh man!

What if you gave them a way to learn them? What if you told them it would be easy? What if you said they could learn it in less than 10 minutes? If you take them in groups of ten , it's a piece of cake!

Here's how. In this picture, to the right of the man holding the floor tiles, is a man dressed in a POLKa-dotted POKE. (“Poke” is a slang word for a grocery sack.) This will remind you that the president who followed Tyler was POLK. (POKE, POLKA - POLK) The man is being measured by a TAILOR. He is going to make a new suit. This will tell you that TAYLOR was the next president. (TAILOR - TAYLOR) The tailor’s helper is standing behind him and his pockets are FILLed with much MORE equipment than they can possibly use. As you can see, it is falling all over the ground. FILL-MORE will remind you that FILLMORE was the next president. (FILL-MORE - FILLMORE) The tailor’s helper has just tossed a large needle over his shoulder. The needle has PIERCEd a BLUE-CANNON. This will tell you that PIERCE and BUCHANAN were the next two presidents. (PIERCE - PIERCE; BLUE-CANNON - BUCHANAN) As you look back at the picture you will notice that the BLUE-CANNON is LINKed-ON to a LINCOLN automobile by a chain. LINK-ON and the LINCOLN automobile will remind you that President LINCOLN came after Buchanan. (LINK-ON - LINCOLN) The driver of the Lincoln automobile is a YAWNing SUN and YAWN-SUN will remind you that JOHNSON followed Lincoln. (YAWN-SUN - JOHNSON) As you can see, the yawning sun has a large piece of GRANITE rock in the trunk of the car. GRANITE will remind you that GRANT followed JOHNSON. (GRANITE - GRANT) Just behind the car are some stacks of HAY. The stacks of HAY will remind you that the next president is HAYES. (HAY - HAYES) There is another CAR in the middle of the hay FIELD. CAR-FIELD will remind you that GARFIELD succeeded HAYES. (CAR-FIELD - GARFIELD)

This diagram taken from "READY, SET, REMEMBER" by Jerry Lucas.....BUY THE BOOK!

Try this I guarantee it will work.