In this picture, you can see a man walking away from the car in the field. He has a pencil behind his ear and is carrying a typewriter and typing paper. He is an AUTHOR who is preparing to write a book. AUTHOR will tell you that ARTHUR is the president who followed Garfield. (AUTHOR - ARTHUR) As you can see, the author is stepping over a meat cleaver stuck in the ground that someone has used to CLEAVE the LAND. CLEAVE-LAND will remind you that CLEVELAND followed Arthur. (CLEAVE-LAND - CLEVELAND) A HAIRY-SUN is holding the cleaver in its right hand. HAIRY-SUN will remind you of HARRISON who was the next president. (HAIRY-SUN - HARRISON) With its left hand the hairy sun has used another meat cleaver to CLEAVE the LAND again to remind you that President CLEVELAND was elected a second time to succeed President Harrison. (CLEAVE-LAND-CLEVELAND) When the hairy sun cleaved the land with its left hand, it struck the end of a piece of firewood and caused it to flip up into a MACK truck loaded with KINDLING (kindling is firewood). MACK-KINDLING will remind you that McKINLEY followed President Cleveland after his second term in office. (MACK-KINDLING - McKINLEY) Examine the picture again and you will notice that the truck loaded with the kindling ran into a ROSE made of FELT. ROSE-FELT will remind you that the president who followed McKinley was ROOSEVELT. (ROSE-FELT - ROOSEVELT) The rose cannot get out of the path of the truck because it is stuck in some TAFFY candy. TAFFY will remind you that TAFT was the next president. (TAFFY - TAFT) A WILL (last will and testament) standing on a small SUN tries to help the rose by pulling the taffy. WILL-SUN will remind you that WILSON was the next president who followed Taft. (WILL-SUN - WILSON) Writing on the will is a very HARD bottle of INK. You know that the ink bottle is hard because it is hitting itself with a hammer and it doesn’t break! HARD-INK reminds you that HARDING was the next president. (HARD-INK - HARDING) You can see that the hard ink is on a COOL-LEDGE. We know the ledge is very cool because there are icicles hanging down. COOL-LEDGE will remind you that COOLIDGE was the president who followed Harding. (COOL-LEDGE - COOLIDGE)