In this picture you will notice that a HOOVER vacuum cleaner is hanging on the right side of the cool ledge. The HOOVER sweeper will remind you that President HOOVER came after President Coolidge. (HOOVER--HOOVER) You will also notice that a ROSE made of FELT is about to be sucked into the Hoover sweeper. ROSE FELT will remind you that the next president was ROOSEVELT. (This is the second president by that name.) (ROSE FELT--ROOSEVELT) A TRUE magazine is being read by a MAN who is trying to keep the rose from being sucked into the sweeper. TRUEMAN will remind you that President TRUMAN followed President Roosevelt. (TRUE MAN--TRUMAN) The man reading the True magazine is leaning against some EYES that are drawn ON a tall TOWER. EYESONTOWER will remind you that EISENHOWER followed President Truman. (EYES ON TOWER--EISENHOWER) On top of the tall tower is a CAN-OF-"D's." CAN-OF-"D's" will remind you that President KENNEDY followed President Eisenhower.
notice that a YAWNing SUN is in the sky next to the can of letter "D's." YAWN-SUN will remind you that President JOHNSON followed President Kennedy. (YAWN SUN-- JOHNSON);Look at the yawning sun and you will see that it has NICKS. ON it. NICKS ON will remind you that NIXON was next. (NICKS ON--NIXON) You will notice that a FORD automobile reached up and put the nicks on the sun with a small knife. A FORD automobile will re mind you that FORD followed President Nixon. (FORD--FORD) Notice that the Ford automobile has a lady's GARTER around its middle. GARTER will remind you that the last president of the United States at the time this book was written is CARTER. (GARTER--CARTER)
Then there is REAGAN...BUSH...CLINTON George W Bush and Barack Obama