SpiritMan is  the master poet, a philosopher, a lyricist, environmental activist, humanitarian and  musician. He is a scholarly poet beyond the concept of rhyme and time but rather immersed in concepts, behaviors and action steps, as evidenced by his Global Initiative Idea. He is available for public appearances at colleges, libraries, corporate events and social gatherings.
Please check out his guest poems and his videos entitled presence. A must see. Click here

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  The SpiritMan wants to make the world a better place. In this effort he supports children with skills. Click here and see children poets , speakers, and learners.
The SpiritMan  has made available his work as print media, on CD and DVD, mp3 for downloads and recently a mp3 player with all his work preloaded so that you can exercise and listen at the same time. Click on store. (Coming Soon)

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Spiritman is available for special events. He does poetry readings for churches particularly. See sample click here.