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Grants, loans, scholarships, free money for persons with disabilities for personal, educational and business use. Funds for people with disabilities are available through government, non profit and private entities. Disability money is granted through loans, scholarships, job training and grants. Individuals need to demonstrate a disability, whether physical or mental, to be considered for this funding. The largest provider of disability money and funding is the Federal government. Using Social Security benefits and funding, states and non profit organizations the Federal government gives away billions.

Define the Purpose for Disability Money
Individuals looking for disability funds should define the purpose for the money to find appropriate funding resources. Depending on the government agency or organization, the need and use for disability money has to be demonstrated and presented in a grant or loan application. Some agencies only require a written application for benefits; this depends on the type and purpose for the aid. Others require formal grant statements. Answering these questions may help individuals identify sources of money; is the money to:

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ĽHelp with children educational expenses?
The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance - at CFDA.gov
The CFDA is a website listing agenciesĺ programs helping people to find money opportunities. This database of money sources is only for information purpose and includes many programs for persons with disabilities. Qualified applicants are mainly agencies and non profits, but it also includes individuals with disabilities. Applications are accepted directly by the listed agencies. Each agency has its own guidelines for completing the application. Examples of programs include:

ĽHousing for persons with disabilities
ĽFair Housing Programs
ĽAmerican with Disability Act ľ Technical program
ĽWork Incentive Grants
ĽEducation and Human Resources Grants
ĽVeteran Business Development
ĽPrograms for students with intellectual disabilities
Even when the programs are intended to fund state agencies and non profits, individuals can use the information to apply to those entities receiving federal disability money.

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Private Scholarships Money for Persons with Disabilities
Private non profit entities assist people with disabilities providing them with loans, cash and grants. Often these organizations provide funds to people with specific condition such as; autism, lupus, blindness, low vision, cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, learning disabilities. The following is a list of private resources to help people with disabilities to obtain scholarship money:

ĽDisaboom.com ľ provides a list of specific disability scholarships with grant amounts and how to apply.
ĽACB.org ľ the American Council for the Blind provides scholarships for the visually impaired
Ľ1800 Wheelchair.com ľ provides scholarships for people with physical impairments
ĽNationalmssociety.com ľ scholarship money for students with Multiple Sclerosis
ĽEpilepsy-scholarship.com ľ Pfizer awards for High School Seniors and college students who suffer from Epilepsy to pursue higher education

Read more at Suite101: Find Money for People with Disabilities | Suite101.com http://suite101.com/article/find-money-for-people-with-disabilities-a267974#ixzz1yAX7r8Xz