Atlanta Designated Driver is a safe, and reliable alternative to driving while impaired that drives both you and your vehicle to the destination of your choice. Research has shown that the primary reason people drive home while intoxicated is because they do not want to leave their vehicle behind and have to retrieve it the next day. Our new Designated Driver service combines the convenience of a taxi with the reassurance that you and your vehicle will get home safely.

With A.D.D. you no longer have to choose between the dangers of driving while impaired and their consequences or the inconvenience of leaving your auto in a parking lot overnight.

WHY GET A MEMBERSHIP? Why should I pay for a membership I may never need? Many of us buy memberships to auto club services just in case our car breaks down or if we get a flat tire. A vast majority of the time, we never use it, but feel it's good to have just in case. An A.D.D. Card is the same thing. Have it just in case! Trust us, a DUI arrest will be much more devastating than your car breaking down.

PUB AND BAR OWNERS: Imagine your bar providing this service for YOUR PATRONS This means that they will only drink at your establishment. More profits for a small annual investment. If you own a drinking establishment call us for a special club rate.

PRIVATE PARTY SPECIALS: Did you know you may be held partially responsible in an accident cause by someone that is over the legal limit after leaving your party.  Look after your guests. Sign up for our special rate for private parties. You may save a life. It is really cost effective.



1. Become a member. (Membership is not required to order service but it is highly recommended.)

2. Call us at 770.849.RIDE (7433) to order a ride or make a reservation.

3. When you call, you need to provide us with:
Your name
Location of pick up and location of drop off
Vehicle make/model/color
Credit card number

4. Within 30-45 minutes two of our drivers will arrive. If you are a first time customer, driving license and car insurance are to be checked and waiver signed upon pick up.

5. One of the drivers will drive you and your car to the drop off location. The second driver will follow. Mileage is calculated using gps calculations.

6. Upon drop off the car is parked and locked and the keys are handed over to you. Driver gets in the Chase car and leaves with the chase car driver.

CELEBRITIES: Have you read about celebrities being jailed for DUI accidents? Have you read about celebrities being accused of vehicular homicide? If you are going out on a "night on the town" don't drive! Ask about our unique celebrity chauffeur service.

WHY SIGN UP TODAY?  Click here



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