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The book ,"FOR 7000 YEARS" may save your life. Do you remember Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles? They preached (the word of God). People followed them( to their death). This book reveals to you the TRUTH. THE REAL TRUTH. THE TRUE WORD OF GOD. Buy the book.


The Holy Spirit has confirmed in me that the original ‘King James Version Bible’ is the inspired, unaltered Word of God. I have read other bible’s where words and scriptures have been changed, and by doing so a whole ton of information and knowledge as to ‘The Real Truth’ of what God is saying in the KJV is simply not there. This is one of the reasons why about 90% of the True Word of God is being taught in error and is causing God’s people to perish for the lack of knowledge. God has already forewarned us in Rev. ch22: v’s18-19 that His Word (KJV) should not be altered, or changed in any way, and we should not add to, nor take anything away from what is already written, Amen.

Will you be one of the 144 thousand that will go back with Jesus to the kingdom of God when He comes for the gathering of His Saints/Church in the year 3500?

 Please read to examine yourselves as to who you are in Christ, and to know if you will have a part in this 1stResurrection.  I challenge you to read This Real Truth for yourself. There are many Christians that live their lives based on false doctrines that have been taught by false prophets, teachers, preachers, and this doctrine is no where near the Real Truth that the word of God teaches.



Greetings to the readers of this book which is being written for the benefit of those who desires some Real Truth: This book will allow True Christians (The Church) to want to live a life that will assure their part in the 1stResurrection. In this 1stResurrection God will be seeking a people that will be accounted worthy to be one of the 144 thousand (The Church) that will be raised at this time. Yes, you will be amazed to know that the Bible teaches us (KJV) that the Saints (God’s Church) and the 144 thousand are one and the same. We have already been numbered. The Bible teaches us that this 1st Resurrection will take place in the year 3500.

This same Bible (KJV) also teaches us that from the Cross to the End of this world are for 7000 years, and right in the midst of this 7000 year period that we are living in at this present time, is when the 1stResurrection will take place. I have no doubt that after reading this word that has been ordained by God, many will be convinced.