From start-up businesses to multi-million dollar companies, Terry has worked with owners, managers, and employees alike to produce results. From interviewing, hiring, training and retaining staff to the process of sales and delivery of service, Terry is known for her effective communication and problem solving skills. She has worked with business owners across the country to identify priorities, to improve productivity, and to increase profitability. She is a Master Distributor for eProspector, a web-based marketing tool which provides an automated on-going marketing campaign for prospective customers as well as on-going communications with existing clients.

Whether your business could use innovative approaches to increasing sales and enhancing customer service, or if, as an individual, you need to gain perspective and recharge your batteries, Terry’s input could make a valuable difference to your growth. 



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Terrific, yet tenacious…two adjectives that best represent Terry’s approach to working with people. Her mission is to stimulate both the personal and professional growth of her clients and to help them solve problems. A motivational speaker and the principal of TMS Consulting, her business and training consulting firm offers Strategies 4 Unlimited Success in Training and Mentoring, Marketing and Sales, and Success Strategies.
Training and Mentoring
T M S Consulting creates internal training programs and materials for corporate clients and mentors start-up businesses.
Marketing and Sales
A national sales trainer with an emphasis on building businesses by working with small business, Terry has hired, trained, and managed salespeople in cities large and small across the country. Terry and her team work with business owners and executives directly as well as with their sales and marketing staff to increase their effectiveness in acquiring new business more profitably.

  “Success Strategies”
As a motivational speaker, Terry offers practical approaches to meeting personal and professional challenges. For more than 15 years, Terry has developed and presented workshops, seminars, and continuing education coursework for such diverse audiences as sales and marketing professionals, CPAs and accountants, insurance agents, managers and administrative staff. T M S Consulting provides personal and professional mentoring geared toward setting and achieving personal and professional goals. For those seeking career guidance and job search assistance, she also offers individual career coach.

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212 Degrees: Inspiration at Its Boiling Point
Based on the mega-hit book by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson, the short film 212° The Extra Degree has become a true phenomenon in the business world. Interestingly, the film offers no expert economic advice or best business practices. It reveals no code-cracking, money-making secrets or pragmatic platitudes. Instead, it serves up an inspiring and memorable metaphor of action, persistence, and potential that grabs hold of the viewer and won’t let go.