Techniques, procedures and activities that will  minimize your misery, make you smile, reduce stress, and ultimately increase your life span. (Stress kills)

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Monthly Tip Action Step on being Happy----------- Laugh. How? When you are up to your neck in Alligators? Humor is specific. That is to say, People laugh for different reasons. What might be funny to me might seem ridiculous or even sad to others. So, here is the action step for YOU. Think. What makes YOU laugh? What old TV program or movie or comedian puts you in stitches, What ever made you laugh so hard, your side hurt? When you discover that, be aware that everyprogram is now available on line for sale or for free download. You can get old episodes of almost everything that was ever recorded. Laughter not only cures the blues it heals the sick.

Check this out. Michael R. Wasserman, M.D., specialist in geriatric medicine states, "A few years ago, I came down with pneumonia, pulled out videotapes of "I Love Lucy" reruns and laughed myself back to good health. Clearly, humor and laughter have a positive effect on one's attitude and health overall. While we don't know all of the specifics, our immune system appears to benefit from these emotions Laughter is more than just a response to humor.

Laughter is a great workout that boosts the immune system, increases circulation, offers benefits to the heart, and more. Scientific studies show that laughter has positive effects on the heart, blood vessels, stress hormones, mental health and family relationships. These health benefits of laughter all contribute to smoother overall functioning, which in turn speeds injury healing and helps manage chronic pain. If you an intellectual review these references.

Laugh yourself well---Donna Watkins Humor Therapy -- Ken R. Wells A Prescription to Laugh: Healing Through Humor and Laughter By Lynn Shaw, MSW Humor's Healing Potential by Brian Luke Seaward, PhD

ACTION STEP: Discover which old movies or TV programs made you laugh until your side hurt. Go to  and buy them. Play them. Laugh. It is therapeutic