Techniques, procedures and activities that will  minimize your misery, make you smile, reduce stress, and ultimately increase your life span. (Stress kills)

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I taught classes at AT&T

In one of my classes was a distraught 61 year old trainee

He was being forced to retire and confiding in me that it was impossible

for him to focus and learn


I have a belief that my purpose on the planet is to help anyone and everyone

in which I come in contact. In an effort to make an intelligent suggestion I asked

“what makes you happy”? He paused for a few minutes and replied, “I don’t know”


I thought to myself, 61 years old and he doesn’t know what makes him happy

Fascinated by this thought, I subsequently did a non-scientific survey of 100 persons.

87 of which did not know what makes them happy. They often replied, I just never thought about, what really makes me happy.


Life is short.

The goal in life should be to be happy.


How can you set goals if you do not know what makes you happy?


I have often heard, “I thought that would make me happy, but I wasn’t really happy.”


Well what makes YOU Really Happy?


Some have answered

 A new car

A big house

A fine woman

A good husband

A lot of money

Wild loose sex

Any Proper NOUN ( A person)- (my thought is no other person can make you happy)


I really feel sorry for people who choose one of these. I personally think they are in for a shock


The most important thing you can do in life is to discover

What makes you truly happy.


Some live and die and never find out.


Think about it!

When were you truly happy?

What were you doing?

Can you get there again?

Think of Happiness NOT as a destination but rather as a JOURNEY



ACTION STEP: Make a list (of what really makes you happy)