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Hate is heavy baggage. I mean really heavy. The main idea up front is the person that is doing the HATING is in worse shape that the person who is being HATED.

OK, you probably have heard that before from some motivational speaker that heard another motivational speaker say it.


Hear is what you haven’t heard.

HOW!  HOW! How do you stop hating a person when they do you harm or just make you angry.



Suppose some young person curses you out in public. See video entitled “This is disgusting at its highest level. What’s wrong with our youth “.

When I saw this video my first thought was, “she will be in Jail”. The other prisoners will be her to a pulp”. My second thought was “She is BIPOLAR and needs medication.”

There was no hate.


The bottom line is,  People you at first want to hate, more often than not, you should feel sorry for them. You know where they will end up.


IDEA TWO. It really isn’t the person you hate. It is the BEHAVIOR. Try to focus on the concept that I hate that behavior, not the person.


IDEA THREE.  Would hate a little child that was severely retarded, that spit on you? Probably not. Would you hate a homeless person that called you “bitch” as you drove by without giving him money?  Probably not. The idea here is that, to hate a person you have to consider that person EQUAL to you. You would not hate a baby you holding if the baby urinated on you. You WOULD hate an adult that performed the same behavior. REFUSE TO CONSIDER ANY PERSON AN EQUAL THAT MAKES YOU ANGRY.

You then look at them and totally dismissed them with the mentally thought, “you don’t count!”.