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A couple of years ago there was a big story  in the zoological community over stories about Elephants killing a Rhinoceros.  This was totally abnormal. Elephants never kill other herbivores. After much research it was discovered that these elephants were all males and were orphaned. Their  parents were killed by poachers. These elephants have never been around grown elephants. There were adolescent males that had no fathers or mothers. They actually have never learned what elephants are supposed to do or not do. Intelligent Black people have known this concept for years. If there is no strong male in the house you will have a juvenile delinquent.

The male (big elephant) does not have to be in the house, but he must be somewhere.  Be a strong black man, speak out, when you see young black men with their pants below their butt, are you afraid to say something?(not a big elephant)


In the elephant community when an adolescent male wants sex (this condition is called “going into musk”) He acts crazy. But when a big elephant comes near him, he immediately goes out of musk. When a young male tries to mount a female, the Adult females( big mommas)run him off. There is a lesson here. Our big Elephants (males) are not doing what they need to do. Our Big Mommas are not doing it either.

I never complain without a suggestion.

I hear guys saying I am a BLACK MAN! Dreadlocks and afro-centric dress does not make a BLACK  MAN . Being a BLACK (all capitals) MAN means having the courage to speak out when you hear our youth calling each other nigger. It means having the courage to give positive advice when you see young black men disrespecting our young women or even young women disrespecting themselves. SEE videos “This is disgusting…”  and  Black rape dance….”

My brothers, be bold, be brave, say something. Be a BIG ELEPHANT! Bring back the Village. It takes a village to raise a child.

I speak out all the time. I risk getting shot or stabbed. It is not because I am brave however. It is because I see young black men and women as my own sons or daughters and I love them. I must say something. I CARE!