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Sports is the Enemy of MY People

I see the influence of Basketball and Football on young black people.

As a  former teacher, the seductive power sports has scares me.

I was awaken to this concern with one of the educational networks ran a special on ROME. The evil emperor diverted attention from his atrocities by increasing the games in the coliseum to 180 days. Even in those days sports lulled the people to sleep.

 Back to our young.  Dedicated Teachers when trying to get young people to focus on something other than sports are met with the argument that some sports star just received a 50 million dollar contract and that a teacher will work a lifetime and not make 1 million!

 Coaches once told me “Sports build character!” Well maybe it once built character, but not any more. Sports now teach you that if you are the star, you can rob, steal even kill, and still be on the team. The rules for the star are different. The star does not have to practice; travel on the team bus, the star can even get the coach’s daughter pregnant.

 The truth is not considered. The statistics show that the chances of you making a team are 1 in 10,000. Our young need to introduced to the concept of a plan B.


I saw a group of middle school boys practicing football. They were not practicing blocking or tackling, They were practicing there “end zone dance”. Sports scare me. They have had to create rules against taunting, is that the way sports build character.

 Sports does not build character anymore it creates characters. Sports has created the idea that all that matters is winning. Win at ant cost, Cheat and win. No longer do the youth aspire to doctors or engineers but basketball  and football players. They seem to all leave college early for the lure of big bucks. Big bucks combined with you can’t read equals to “a fool and his money soon parts”.



What can be done? Teachers, keep newspaper articles about sports greats who end up broke, in jail for rape or murder or shot at some strip club. Secure video clips of stars who are now partially cripple for life due to sports. Show statistics that point out the career of most players is only 4 years. Give fair and equal coverage.


Introduce the concept of a PLAN B. Point out that there are no sports greats over 40

(except in GOLF, a last sport that still builds character)

 Introduce the concept that FAME has a down side.

 Introduce careers that they don’t even know exists. Spark their interest in something else