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OK, I confess, I watched it more than once. It amazes me that the show has been on the air so long. I think the actions of the people on the show  is a testament to that fact that most of us don't think logically. I see two ladies who care about the same man. The two ladies run toward each other to fight (at the ringing of a bell, Like Pavlov's dog). After the guards separate them, one woman tells the other , "He never told me about you." The bell rings and they run toward each other to fight again.

It is so so obvious that they need to be fighting the GUY.

What's even worse is the STUDIO AUDIENCE. They applaud and shout Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. I would not want to be seen on TV sitting in the audience of the Jerry Springer Show.

I wonder for those participants on the show that have a JOB (very few, I Know) What the people at work say to them or think about them.


My thoughts is that an intelligent person would never go on the show, and a very intelligent person would not watch it more than twice (me)