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I saw a beautiful very young girl working as a cashier at Kroger. She had a  light complexion with a very dark tattoo high on her neck. The tattoo was the name “Ricky”. I should have minded my own business but I never miss a TEACHABLE opportunity. I asked, “Who is Ricky”? She replied, “Ricky is my boyfriend”. I asked, “What happens if Ricky leaves you”? She replied, “Ricky will never leave me”!. I then asked “what happens if Ricky dies”? She did not reply.

I saw another lady wearing low cut jeans, and I some  sentence tattooed across her very lower back. I wondered WHO IS SUPPOSED TO READ THAT, since she can’t without standing in front of a mirror.

I also saw a man that had a very dark complexion with several tattoos that I could not read at all


I want to say I think getting a tattoo is not the wisest of all decisions.


I saw on TV a Caucasian boxer with lifelike tattoos of his 3 sons tattooed on his arms. ( I could not object to this show of pride)

I have seen Marines and Navy personnel with tattoos of which I could not object.

I think the tattoo is not the source of my objection, but rather the what , where,  and why is the source of my  objection.


For example

If you personally do not speak Chinese, I think you are not wise to get a Chinese character tattooed on your body. Only one small error by the tattoo artist and the character can mean something totally different. Do you think the tattoo artist would tell you if he made a slight mistake?

If you tattoo the proper name of another person on your body, you are thinking logically. (Not even your kids’ names)

If you get a tattoo like the words,  “Seymour Butts”  on your rear end…you are totally stupid


Tattoos tell too much that should be your very own personal business. Without you being aware some tattoos can keep you from being employed.

Spend your money wisely. NO TATTOOS