Political Correctness
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ACTION STEP: Keep up with current trends of political correctness. They change!

ACTION STEP: If you offend be quick to apologize

It requires effort to be political correct.
Some may say it is impossible to do or say something
that doesn't offend someone. Focus on your customers
. Learn your customers be politically correct with them.

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KFC's Response to Tighter Belts and Budgets

By Anthony Catalano
Tue, 05 May 2009 20:40:28 GMT

Kentucky Fried Chicken is everywhere these days. Correction... make that Kentucky Grilled Chicken. If you've watched television, read a newspaper or browsed the Internet in recent weeks, chances are you've heard about KFC's new, healthier product offering.

I have been bombarded with KFC ads during the NBA playoffs. And the spots also seemed to take over NBC's Kentucky Derby telecast last Saturday.

But KFC parent Yum Brands Inc. has taken its push well beyond the male demographic one would expect to be tuned into sports programming. I also spotted an ad -- and coupon -- for the new grilled chicken in Parade magazine a few Sundays ago. And today, KFC essentially took over the "Oprah Winfrey Show." (For your free grilled-chicken meal -- yes, a legitimate "free lunch" -- compliments of Ms. Winfrey, print this coupon.)