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  Good Product simply means your product will do what you say it will do. Be very careful about what you say it will do. Action Step: Under promise over deliver. Make sure that you not only accurately state what it will do but how long it will do it. It must perform on time, every time, on time.

We learn best by examples. Here are good products. Products that do what they say they will do. GPS devices, Camera Cell Phones, Notebook PCs, and the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.

Bad Product examples. (My Opinion only) Windows VISTA, Polaroid instant movie camera, Exercise and weight loss videos, Bottled Water sold as collected from Artesian wells. Spray on hair for bald men,( to cover the bald spot.), Books that say you will get rich, and Pyramid Schemes

Action Step: Evolve your product. Learn from bill gates, Windows, Windows ME Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Vista. Remember Tide. New and Improved Tide. Tide with bleach. Do the same.

Action Step: Get feedback.

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